Workshops, Screen the World, and more

It's been a year since my last post - Covid changed a lot of things and we have adapted.
This August we are excited to open up the studio to the public again, and we have some of our popular Intro to Screenprinting weekends, Aug 7/8 and Aug 28/29. More details are found in the Workshop pages on the website. Both classes still have a few spots left email us at with Workshop in the subject and let us know which weekend. If you are just curious, or have been wanting to learn and maybe start your own studio, or you have tried it, love it, but want to find out how to solve some of the problems you might encounter, this is the course for you.
Also in August, the return of Squeegeerama 2021 Sept 20-21-22. This is more of an advanced course with guest artists, and fellow printers, plus our staff and facility and equipment and supplies all there for you to play and create and experiment. 

What else is new at Wachiay?
We have re-equipped the studio over the last year, automating and upgrading, installing some new equipment that allows us to do a wider range of jobs more efficiently.  

TAS 6/8 automatic textile press. This allows for up to 5-6 colours simultaneously, automated flashing, and the ability to print larger runs quickly and efficiently. Give us a call or email if you have a job coming up. A t-shirt is one of the most inexpensive and long lasting promotional items for a business or event. We can print bags, tea-towels and other textile products.

RILEY HOPKINS 6/6 hand press - along with an automated flash, this press is like a Tesla vs. '72 Ford Pinto compared to the old Shoba that we started with. Printer Gabe rocks it and loves the tight register and ease of operation.

AEOLUS conveyor dryer specially designed for drying waterbased inks. Most people see this and think a space ship landed in the shop, it is a sweet looking piece of equipment compared to the Hix, well designed, super efficient and controllable and has a much wider 36" belt to handle increased volumes from our 2 new presses.

ATMA AT 120 flatbed press - this replaced our Theime and is a dream to operate, with a print size of 24x40 and accuracy within .005. We use this to print posters, Serigraphs, and have recently started printing boxes (24x30 flat) for Foragers in Victoria, who sell mushroom kits.

Epson 3270 wide format film printer - we can now make positives up to 24" wide, which is an amazing upgrade over our old 1430. 

Along with all these we rebuilt the exhaust system so the air stays fresh, and switched our lighting from inefficient fluorescent to LED. If anyone is interested in a tour of the facilities, reach out and we would be happy to show you the studio. 
If you read this far and you know me, I've been with the studio since we started with afternoon classes in 2013, and then expanded as the friendship centre expanded. It has been an amazing journey, and I was blessed to meet and work with some great people at the Friendship Centre and learn more about First Nation's culture and in turn share what I know about screenprinting and the opportunities for youth and adults.

Somehow, the years blurred together, and a couple of years ago realized I was rapidly approaching my 'best before date'. Time to 'Move over, Rover,' as they say. 

This past year, I have been training my replacement and gradually handing over more and more responsibilities. I officially 'retired' from the day to day operations Mar 31 2021, and Alivia Veenstra now runs the studio. 
She has done an incredible job and overseen the rebuild and instituted an integrated shop management program to improve workflow and ensure the customers get their jobs on schedule, and done to their satisfaction.  
They still let me hang around the shop a bit (they are so nice to the old guy!), and I still teach classes from time to time, and work on Screen the World, our online training program. ( )
Once you have screen ink in your blood you need to at least smell it from time to time.

OK that's enough blogging. Enjoy the summer! Stay safe.