June 16-17 2018 Screenprinting Workshop

June 16-17 2018 Screenprinting Workshop

Summer has arrived - what better time to travel to the Comox Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island and take our weekend intro course. Graphic, textile, wood, ceramics....our students come wanting to learn how to print on all these items. In 2 days, we can show you how and get you going in the right direction. Small class. Hands on. Personal learning or professional development, we can get you started.

Areas We Will Cover

  • Art and Film prep
  • Screens – mesh, emulsion, exposure, reclaiming
  • Inks -mixing, thinning, additives
  • Make Ready and Registration
  • Printing Techniques on various materials using different textile and graphic presses

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Located in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada