One Tribe

One Tribe is an art collective formed by young people who have gone through our Thursday afternoon art and screenprinting training program and decided to keep producing art and prints. Wachiay Studio provides access to equipment and help with production, and continues the education by introducing the commercial aspects of art. Students learn about production, inventory, pricing and marketing. They keep inventory and prepare and operate a mobile booth which visits festivals and events in the community. Each design sold pays a commission to the artist, and all remaining funds go back into the program.

Shop online or visit our showroom at 1625 McPhee Ave in Courtenay, B.C. If you are between the ages of 14-29 and interested in joining the One Tribe program, get in touch or check out our One Tribe Facebook page for more info! 

One Tribe’ youth art and screenprinting classes 2019!
Youth, age 14 to young adult with an interest in 
fine art, graphic design, screenprinting, and the business of art.
One Tribe is a youth art collective, part of the Eagles program for older teens at 
Wachiay Friendship Centre. Participants get training from professional artists and 
screenprinters and are encouraged to produce their own printed work on paper, 
shirts, wood, and other materials.
From 4:00pm-6:30pm on Wednesdays starting May 1. 
Program runs until the end of June and may extend into the summer depending on interest.
Wachiay Studio, located at 1625 McPhee Ave, Courtenay. Side entrance.
So many reasons…..
1) Fun and Creative opportunity to work in a pro studio.
2) Learn to make things  - and sell them!
3) Develop new skills in art, design, screenprinting and marketing
4) Food
5) Free – plus bus tickets available for kids who need transportation.
- Limited number of spaces - 
For more info or to register: email, phone, or drop into the Friendship Centre. or phone 250. 871. 0118

 Any youth interested in screenprinting and multimedia should check out our new program, WAMM - Young people from our community now have the opportunity to engage in a full time learning program entirely focused on multimedia production, graphics, screen printing and story. 10 big weeks of intense, immersive learning designed to help youth enter the emerging fields of this exciting  and dynamic industry.

Check out the WAMM website or our Facebook page for all the latest details!