Schools and Community Groups

We have a number of programs designed specifically for schools and community groups to introduce youth and adults to the thrill of making. Screenprinting is fun and functional!


This introductory program is suitable for all ages; elementary, middle, and high school groups, elders, clubs, and families. The studio can host groups up to 60 people.

Schedule an introductory visit for your class! Here, we explain the process of screenprinting and what it is used for in the modern world (which is more than you might think). We’ll also support the class to come up with a group design to be printed on the shirt.

To quote one student after they finished "This was THE BEST SCHOOL TRIP EVER!!"

Art in the Classroom

We’ll help your school set up a small scale screenprinting studio capable of printing posters, t-shirts, and much more.

The program includes

  • teacher training in our facility
  • plans and assistance for construction of most equipment by PAC or in-school shop class
  • installation and training in the school with teachers and student leaders
  • startup inventory of screens, meshes, squeegees, inks, emulsion
  • ongoing support to grow the program at the school, including fundraising ideas and grant assistance.

Screen the World

An online screenprinting training program. More information coming soon!

For more information please contact or call 250-871-0118.