Cree Wall Street Warrior Printer’s Proof


Cree Wall Street Warrior, 2023, by George Littlechild
20×28″ 13 layer print on Stonehenge rag paper with a hand-deckled edge
Printer’s proof 4/4 from the edition of 100

We created this print using an analogue process. Each layer of film was painted by hand by George and Emily at Wachiay Studio.

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About the artist:

A Sixties Scoop survivor, George Littlechild received a diploma in art and design from Red Deer College in 1984, and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, in 1988. His mixed-media paintings record his personal and family history, as well as his reclamation and reconnection with his ancestral culture. Littlechild believes colours possess spiritual cleansing and purifying power, and is known for his finesse as a colourist as well as his collaging of haunting vintage photographs.

Artist’s Statement:

If I were to ask myself why I create the art I do; I would have to answer: “It is what I was born to do. It is my passion, my joy, as my art has been there throughout my life’s journey!”

If I were asked what kind of art I create; I would answer by saying, “It is art that speaks from the heart, the social and the political.”
My art is charged with energy and color, vibrant, magical, and thus enabling the soul to travel.

I envision, I rely on the intuitive, the spiritual, the emotional. To tell stories through my art. I am a storyteller, a visualist. A conveyer of messages… I began to create art as a small boy. My foster mother saw that I had a talent, at a very young age. She was encouraging, loving… She saw the gift in me. Scribblers were filled, art lessons began at an early age… Art school, exhibition and books, lectures, teaching and the rest is history.

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