A Screenprinting Festival

Hosted and founded by Andy MacDougall, Squeegeerama is an annual, week-long screenprinting festival for screen printers to learn and play with advanced production methods using an array of equipment. It is hosted by Wachiay Studio, which is a well-equipped leader in water-based production of both flat-stock and textile materials and is known worldwide for its educational programs.

Each year the guest artists, participants, and staff produce amazing artworks.

Squeegeerama 2022 Poster with guest artist Dan Stiles. Electric thunderbolt background with a wavy squeegee path.


featuring Dan Stiles (Portland, OR)

Squeegeerama 2021 Poster with gust artists Emily Luce & Rodney Sayers. Image is a mythical lion/dragon/ creature


featuring Emily Luce (Port Alberni, BC) & Rodney Sayers (Port Alberni, BC)

Squeegeerama 2019 Poster with guest artistBobby C. Martin. Image has a large ink drip across the top with photographs of Bobby and others working on art and screenprinting.


featuring Bobby C. Martin (near West Siloam Springs, OK)

Squeegeerama 2018 Poster with guest artist Lil Tuffy. Image has a skull with a bikers helmet, distorted style, yellow background.


featuring Lil Tuffy (San Fransisco, CA)

Squeegeerama 2017 Poster with guest artists Diana Sudyka and Jay Ryan. Image is of funny animals, and some of them screenprinting.


featuring Diana Sudyka (Chicago, IL) & Jay Ryan (Chicago, IL)

Squeegeerama 2016 Poster with guest artists David Cran, Gary Houston, Andy MacDougall. Image is an old Ford with someone holding a squeegee out the window.


featuring David Cran (Vancouver, BC) & Gary Houston (Portland, OR)

Artists include:

Kelsey Gallo (Seattle, WA)
Stuart Hughes (Squamish, BC)
Be LaFond (Minneapolis, MN)
Ian Adams (Courtenay, BC)
Erica Vaskevicius (Edmonton, AB)